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Hanging Zoe

A girl hanged

Casting Natasha

A girl decapitated by a knife for a snuff movie

Natasha Strangled

A girl strangled for a snuff movie

A Mediaeval Foray

A mother and her daughter beheaded

A Mediaeval Foray: Sequel

A pregnant girl hanged

Boiling Alive Marie

A girl boiled alive

Shooting Civilian Women

Three women shot in cold blood by Nazi

Maschinengewehr MG34

A few girls, one of them pregnant, shot by Nazi

Chenghiz Khan

Captured women are impaled and beheaded

Dark Alley I

A random girl skinned in a dark alley

Dark Alley II

Another innocent victim hanged in the same alley

Dark Alley III: Maniac Still At Large

A boy is emasculated, skinned and beheaded; his girlsfriend is gutted

Execution of Ann

Mediaeval beheading of a girl

Three Hanged

Hanging of a family during WWII

Impaling Joanne

Mediaeval impaling of a girl

Execution of Hostages

Mass hanging of random hostages during WWII

Joanne Burnt

A girl burnt at stake by Inquisition

A Hanging

A male and female POW henged by Nazi

A Vacation In A Foreign Land

Shooting and hanging of girls by soldiers in Asia